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Today is the day I was born. How is one reckoned to feel on that day as a middle-aged woman? As a kid and teen, my young birthday celebrations were […]

What my Dad Taught Me.

With Father’s Day approaching, it only makes relevant sense that I post about my Dad. I made a Mother’s Day post, which my Mom liked and enjoyed reading – so […]

Mother Hubbard

On this day, we celebrate mothers. We send flowers, take Mom out to eat, and make breakfast in bed. We post our pictures and words of how much our Mom […]

COVID-19 Coping

As the days trudge on and the ‘stay at home’ plan continues, I wonder what some folks are doing to cope with each day. I am exploring unique business ideas […]

My Shortcomings

This week allowed me a few days to mourn, reflect, and sit in my thoughts. I did not get dressed; I was not productive; my dishes did not get done, […]

Senseless Requires Sensible Progression

This Nova Scotian senseless tragedy does require sensible progression. Who can understand the point of a mass-murdering spree? But honestly, would it ever make sense, so why do we try […]

Our Community Cries

I yelled at my son regarding his school work. I screamed and took my frustration and fear out on him. Not acceptable. I thought a mass shooting would never happen […]

APRIL 13th

Reflection for TodayI came into EA afraid – afraid of the past, present, and future; afraid of people, even those people who love me and whom I love. And afraid […]


As I get older, I understand how adults speak so often about time going so fast. I never understood this concept as a child. I thought that time was dragging […]

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