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What I don’t know

What I know is that my fan makes a characteristic sound,
and that my dog’s nails need a trim.

What I know is that it takes bills to keep debts paid,
and that my statements have expanded.

What I know is that weight decline is slow in progress,
and that protein shakes appear to be worthless.

What I know is that I was married, I am separated, and now I am partnered.

What I know is that I am the lineage mother of two children,
and having children was all that I truly valued and what I craved.

What I know is all connections are inconstant and
nothing stays the same, and change is unavoidable.

What I know is that my life zoomed by, and I made errors.

What I don’t know is my tomorrow, what will change, what mistakes I will proceed to make and what is repairable.

I do know that life experience is unpredictable; opinion kill rapport, and darkness suffocates the soul and burns loving, forgiving, and learning bridges.

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