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Month: June 2020

I Believe.

Sometimes I sitand consider.I remember andI walk.I swim andI visualize. Sometimes I weepand I reflect.I imagine andI cry.I swim andI believe. Today I grieveand I reminisce.I rememberand I scream. TomorrowI […]

What I don’t know

What I know is that my fan makes a characteristic sound,and that my dog’s nails need a trim. What I know is that it takes bills to keep debts paid,and […]


Today is the day I was born. How is one reckoned to feel on that day as a middle-aged woman? As a kid and teen, my young birthday celebrations were […]

What my Dad Taught Me.

With Father’s Day approaching, it only makes relevant sense that I post about my Dad. I made a Mother’s Day post, which my Mom liked and enjoyed reading – so […]

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