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COVID-19 Coping

As the days trudge on and the ‘stay at home’ plan continues, I wonder what some folks are doing to cope with each day. I am exploring unique business ideas for Busy Bee Emporium and repairing pieces that needed attention at Bee’s House at the Falls.

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I operate an Airbnb, which is currently non-operational, yet utilizing my time to brainstorm progressive change for my online business.

I sell collectible items, and what I find of most interest are the things I collected as a young person. I had a large button and a pin collection! I remember taking my collection bins out and looking at them during times of stress or depressed times. I loved them. Each piece held a special memory.

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I also love creating greeting cards of all kinds and post-cards. I treasured receiving letters, greeting cards, and post-cards in the mail. It appears that words of encouragement, condolences, congratulations, and so on seem to be a social media form of communication, and traditional methods have significantly declined. I cannot recollect the last time I received a mailed letter.

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I mean, when was the last time you handwrote a message and mailed it to a family member using a postal service? Think about your grandparents. I bet they would be thrilled to receive a handwritten note; you may even get a reply! I have a bin full of handwritten letters from friends and family that included 8-10 pages long- double-sided!

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Think about that for a minute. I did this for fun! I did not consider it ‘work’ or a school paper. I could not wait to get a return letter with maybe a photo, a sticker (which I collected too), or to read about a secret or the answer to a question I asked. Let’s not forget the possibility of money from a grandparent!

I maintained a pen-pal for years that we started in grade school in different countries. Our grand plan was she was going to write the books as an adult, and I would be the illustrator. I wonder what has become of Jenny now?

What have you been doing to de-stress, educate, fill the void, and keep mentally healthy?


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