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As I get older, I understand how adults speak so often about time going so fast. I never understood this concept as a child. I thought that time was dragging on and that some days would never end.
In this photo, I am probably in grade 4 or 5, as I remember the location of this rented house. I lived there from about grade 4 – 8 or 9. Holy crap that is only a few years but it feels like a massive chunk of my young life even now.

I remember that nightgown clearly, the couch, the couch covering, and the plastic curtains behind the thin material ones. And boy, do I remember Muffin. Muffin was a special cat because she had a litter of kittens, and that experience was exciting for all of us.

Photo by Emila Yusof on

I remember one kitten died because the story I remember was that maybe my younger brother touched it, and the mother killed it? Maybe – something like that. I remember my best friend picking a kitten out for herself and visiting the cranky cat later in Grade 10.

I always had a great affection and need for pets.

Pets provided great comfort to me. I mothered them, and they, in return, listened to my heartfelt pains and struggles. They never judged, and they never declined my attention.

Still, to this day, I cannot imagine my life without a furry friend. To me, it is essential and a must for my peace of mind and contentment.

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