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APRIL 13th

Reflection for Today
I came into EA afraid – afraid of the past, present, and future; afraid of people, even those people who love me and whom I love. And afraid of being hurt again. EA has taught me that the opposite of fear is faith. As I learn to trust people, I trust my Higher Power, and my fears lessen. Trust in people, trust in my Higher Power, and trust in myself go hand-in-hand.
Meditation for Today
May I remember that as I trust others, my Higher Power, and myself, my faith grows.
Today I will remember
Faith challenges fear.”
Excerpt From: Emotions Anonymous. “Today.”copyright 1987

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My first few meetings face to face in EA I was terrified. I remember shaking when the session began. To admit my faults and the pain I caused my family was one of the most challenging things I have done.
The meeting started within a small group, and it followed the same format as Alcoholics Anonymous. I was familiar with AA and the branched groups as a child and an adult.

I attended EA online chat meetings and was familiar with some of the readings, slogans, reflections, and concepts, but to sit in a room of understanding peers and admitting why I reached out for support was overwhelming and painful. The meeting was also uplifting as I felt like I belonged to something bigger: something that would help, and a group of peers who would not judge but guide and listen.

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I had to trust that my life would be different. That I could make a change and that I could start over acknowledging and accepting each day as it came—one step at a time.
I trusted this program and the consistency it gave me—the backbone and foundation to grow.

I was not striving for perfection but progress.

I had to face my fear and admit my problem in this mess of a life I created. Why was it my problem? Because I can change my mind and my life. Blaming others or situations alone does not equate to growth. Growth begins with looking deep within and accepting what can be changed and what cannot.

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What control you have – and what you do not.

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