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For those who celebrate the Easter tradition of family gatherings, Easter Bunny visits and Easter egg hunts this year may be exceptionally hard. Many families look forward to holiday meal gatherings as this may be the only time a large group of the family are together.

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As we are all very much aware, this Easter gathering will only occur in our homes with the individuals who reside with us. Without a collection of loved ones to celebrate with may bring feelings of detachment during the holiday, like the day should be skipped, or that the Bunny is on strike this year because no eggs or treats are hiding or chocolate bunnies purchased. My house will not have Easter Chocolate or hidden eggs. My son is old enough to understand this, yet, many many children do not.

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But what if this Easter could be the best one yet! What if family members who have the privilege of technology and the internet could all gather and eat together?
Using the technology of Face-time, Zoom, or Skype- a family gathering can occur. Families can cook their traditional meals within their homes, plan time, and connect via the internet and their camera.

Enjoy that meal or dessert together.

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You can gather with family members you may never have the privilege of spending time with due to distance or travel arrangements. This gathering can be a new traditional celebration. Have members who reside away always join in holiday celebrations.

We are privileged to have the technology to gather and see each other during this isolated holiday.
Today, I recently tried out both Zoom and Face-time meetings/gatherings, and it was a blast!

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I loved the experience!

So don’t fret during this holiday weekend. Look for the Good. Be glad that your family is safe at home during this global crisis and make the best of a real living situation that we cannot change.

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