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As I sit looking out my window in front of my computer, I wonder. I wonder what this day will bring. I made my protein drink, tea, and a bagel this morning as I was extra hungry.

I wait patiently for my partner in crime to gather his breakfast items to join me to watch the new series we started on Crave TV – Game of Thrones.
We gather our items and head down to our favorite place to have our breakfast and watch our show.

My son still sleeps.

The dogs run and play in the fenced area outside while periodically peeking in the basement window to look or let us know they want in by pawing at the window, and Wally is the one who usually wants in. Our Lazy Lays (Layla) tends to want to stay outside, looking or laying most of the day. She loves the outdoors, even in the rain.

A husky loves what a husky loves.

Episode 3 ends. That part of our day is over. Now what? Isolation and ‘stay the blazes home’ has it’s good and bad moments.

Currently, we are preparing the site for reopening. I find I am becoming more and more nervous about this world crisis. The more prolonged isolation goes on, the more my anxiety and fear increase. I find myself not wanting to go out. I don’t even want to shop for essentials.

We have been utilizing online shopping and pick-up options, but also that is nerve-racking. When we arrive home, we spray the trunk, the bags, and the outside touched areas of the car. We wear gloves and carry bags on to the front step. We take everything out, spray and wipe everything down, and garbage anything we can before bringing items into the house. We then clean our hands, put more gloves on and clean and wash down counters.

We wash again and put away things.

I find I am also thinking about what we have touched and where we need to clean again.

COVID-19’s isolation is playing a toll on my son and us. We all are scared but try to get on with the day. Try to normalize this abnormal situation. This living situation now and for goodness knows how long.

We live, and that is what matters.

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