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Month: April 2020

My Shortcomings

This week allowed me a few days to mourn, reflect, and sit in my thoughts. I did not get dressed; I was not productive; my dishes did not get done, […]

Senseless Requires Sensible Progression

This Nova Scotian senseless tragedy does require sensible progression. Who can understand the point of a mass-murdering spree? But honestly, would it ever make sense, so why do we try […]

Our Community Cries

I yelled at my son regarding his school work. I screamed and took my frustration and fear out on him. Not acceptable. I thought a mass shooting would never happen […]

APRIL 13th

Reflection for TodayI came into EA afraid – afraid of the past, present, and future; afraid of people, even those people who love me and whom I love. And afraid […]


As I get older, I understand how adults speak so often about time going so fast. I never understood this concept as a child. I thought that time was dragging […]


For those who celebrate the Easter tradition of family gatherings, Easter Bunny visits and Easter egg hunts this year may be exceptionally hard. Many families look forward to holiday meal […]


As I sit looking out my window in front of my computer, I wonder. I wonder what this day will bring. I made my protein drink, tea, and a bagel […]

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