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In 23 years, I have never not embraced or kissed her. I mean, of course when she was away and out of reach – I could not. But to be so close; yet so far away is something I never thought would happen.

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I watch her smile through the window as she sits on a chair and we wave and chat through panes of glass. This virus is the great separator.

But we as humans will find a way. This virus will not win. We are so very lucky and privileged to have the technology to Face-time, Skype, and call each other. Think about all the pandemics before this. The separation. The pain and loss without supports. The loneliness.

To say that this world crisis is not impacting our emotional moods and increasing illness is ludicrous. Let’s do what we can.

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Smile and wave through windows. Face-time during meals and over tea. Call on speaker phone and watch a movie together. We have choices to make the best out of a scary situation.

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Stay home, flatten the curve, and kiss your window panes.

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