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We all have heard the idea that you become like the people you hang out with. Think about the company you keep. I remember my Mom speaking about this several times as I grew up and I also passed this along to my own children.

I would share that if you are with a group of kids hanging out and someone steals something – even though it was not you who did the stealing- you are just as guilty as you were with the crowd. My Mom mentioned this many times to direct and encourage smart and safe friendships.

However, what if we encouraged and spread the message that energies are contagious? That your environment will become you? I wholeheartedly believe that positive thinking increases positive thinking and positive people. That negative thinking people can bring the dark and negative thinking out in you.

I am not saying that you can ‘cure’ your negative thoughts by surrounding yourself with uplifting people. I know personally that anxiety and depressive thoughts and feelings are not cured in that manner or the world would be ‘cured’.

But your energy definitely helps.

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As a previous mental health support worker for 14 years, I can honestly state energy spreads and can lighten or cloud a room. I supported individuals within residential and vocational settings and an environment’s energy can be contagious.

Have you ever walked into a room in a great mood, visited the space for a hour or so, and then left feeling drained or down? What about walking into a space after having a shitty day and the positive energy and happiness uplifts your mood?

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Sherrie Bourg Carter, a writer from, speaks to how the company you keep can reflect and change your moods. Her article, Emotions Are Contagious—Choose Your Company Wisely, looks at how emotions can be influenced by the company we keep. Our friendships, our work environment, and our family’s influences.

What are your experiences with energy and mood? Do you have any stories to share?

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