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What do you do to stay balanced emotionally?

I try to stay true to me. That sounds easy enough to make a statement about – but is it easy to live each day? Honestly, it is NOT easy. If one was to really look deep inside..are you happy with your life? Your relationship? Your employment?

I do not believe a balanced life is what ‘others’ tell you or what you read is balanced for you. I feel a balance is what works for you.What works for you compared to another is not the same. What keeps your anxieties in check? What are your triggers? What helps to keep your mind at ease?

Some people do not have a large social life and guess what- that is OKAY! Even if they have none – that is okay- if THEY are okay with it. Contentment is not what others say YOU NEED. It is what works for you.

Life is short. I know we have all heard that statement a zillion times. Yet – when you get to a point in your life when you really get that – you do what is right for you because everything else is bullshit!

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