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How does one cope with this social media fear fest? Personally, I try to avoid the news because it triggers worry and feelings of helplessness. The last few days have been stressful. Within my hometown, it is repetitive with announcements on social media that speak to cancellations, changes, what the town is doing or will be doing, etc.

I get it. I logically get it. My fear anxiety does not understand.

Yet, with my work being online – it is hard to avoid this trigger. The issue is not ‘far out there’ it is hitting my home. I have been sleeping little and stressing lots – not verbally. Because I am not verbally yakking, my body is showing signs of stress. The back of my head is aching with sometimes sharp pains, my chest is heavy, I am exhausted, and my sleep is disturbed.

Sometimes you just need to talk. This is why I love peer support groups (Emotions Anonymous) because you can share your thoughts with peers who understand, do not judge, and do not give advice. Peers share experiences that have worked for them – but do not give advice on what you should do. As a peer member you listen to shared experiences, ‘take what you like – and leave the rest’.

A few years ago, I remember getting chest x-rays and a head scan because of the pain. The doctor stated it is stress. Maybe it was …but there is always a piece of my freaky deaky mind that feels it could be something else.

I mean, if you have struggled with your emotional and mental health you are very much aware how a doctor can equate everything to stress. Sometimes, it feels like they don’t listen actively or even explore any further.

Several years ago, I was having chest pain and stomach pain. I went back and forth to my doctor and he concluded it was an ulcer due to stress and gave me an ulcer medication.

That false diagnosis, without scans or further research, resulted in a major gallbladder emergency surgery.

The blog topic of, how a doctor who knows your mental health medical record, can equate many issues to your mental health and stress is definitely a future blog post.

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