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It is 11:13 pm on a Saturday night. As I type a blog post and listen to the youthful amusement coming from the Airbnb guest room, I grin. I recall fondly my lighthearted days where that Saturday night was all that mattered. That thinking that you have your complete life ahead of you to mature, shift, make missteps, and construct a future.

The puppies are outside playing and bouncing in the snow, as my older chi is sleeping at my feet. As I sit down and blog away in the kitchen; it is silent downstairs. My partner and son are most likely connecting by playing the online version of Magic the Gathering. It is the game of the month.

Now is good.

Today I feel optimistic. I am not distressing. This second is all I am sure about. I cannot dictate my economic outcome, my relationships, my children, or my life expectancy. All I can do is make the safest options I am able to at the time and accept the outcome.

The acknowledgment is the trickiest part.

Taking ownership for lifetime decisions and their outcome is the most profound lesson. The acceptance of your choices, your judgments, and your blunders with no outside blame is priceless. Life is illuminating. Some folks survive their complete life accusing and indicating that their situation is the blame of anyone or anything away from themselves.

Don’t get me incorrectly, positioning against misconduct publicly, individually, and competently is not placing responsibility away from choice. Our humanity has ‘rules’ and principles that speak to conduct – this blog is not about that. This blog post is about accepting ownership for your character, your selections, and your choices.

As I grow older, I understand on a deeper degree how my choices and steering conclusions have placed me exactly at this table blogging. My mom did not place me here, my dad did not do it, and my relationships and my children did not bring about this outcome.

I did what I knew at the time and when I knew better – I did better.

Life is like the Adventure Books I read as a child. You had to decide, and the direction of the book changed. That is life. You may be influenced but the choice is always yours.

I have absolutely no idea what my life will look like a year from now. I do know at this very moment on a snowy Saturday night- I am happy- and as my Dad always declares,

“The Rest is Bullshit!”

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