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On this day my life changed. On this day, Sophia was born. I had the privilege to birth and bring up a first child and only daughter. The endless labored rocking in the rocking chair and the repetitive songs I demanded my own mother to sing. The pain and excitement were one. When my eyes met hers – I understood my purpose.

My mindset switched. Life was about her. It was about the safeguarding of her. It was about fulfilling her requirements to the best of my ability and with what I understood at the time.

I made many errors along the way. When I knew better – I did better.

Sophia, I am so proud of your power and autonomy. Your ability to overcome life’s shitty challenges. Your persistent nature to ‘make your own decisions’ and your deep hearted honored position to be accountable for choices – despite the complexities. I am astounded at your recognition of self-care and the subsequent willingness to take the crucial steps to take care of you.

You will also make many mistakes along the way, but I promise you that when you know better – you will do better. These are life’s shaping lessons.  

You are forever my Angel-face, my Dove, my Baby Girl. You are my Life Lesson, my Savior, my Motivator, and my Forever Love. You are my Saving Grace, then, now, & forever.

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