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DECEMBER 5, 2019

Reflection for Today

How many blessings can I find to be thankful for today? It is easy to say “Thank You, God” for the big things in my life such as the recovery of a loved one’s health, a new car, a job promotion, or the winning of a contest. But how about gratitude for the mundane or insignificant things such as grass, getting home safely, being able to read the comics, or watch a favorite TV show? Certainly there are people in my life to be thankful for other than my spouse or significant other. How about the pleasant bus driver, a delightful co-worker, or the charming paper boy? There are things in my home to be thankful for – things which make my life easier and more pleasant. Air conditioners, dishwashers, and Scotch tape come to mind. Practicing gratitude throughout the day makes me aware of how blessed my life truly is.

Meditation for Today
Help me to remember to be grateful for all things large or small.

Today I will remember
Do not take my blessings for granted”

Excerpt From: Emotions Anonymous. Today. Copyright 1987

The slogan, Look for the Good, helps me to find the ‘goodness’ somewhere no matter how bleak things may appear. During times of stress or during a moment of an emotional reaction, I try to remember that there is good here.

What is it? Is it health? The warm day? The beautiful fur babies I am so privileged to have in my life. The hot cup of tea? My children? My partner?

Today I look for the good. Today the NeoCitran that I sip- is my goodness. My healing, my gratitude.

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