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DECEMBER 5, 2019

Reflection for Today

In working my Fourth Step, I found one emotion constantly appearing – fear. Fear denied me the chance of enjoying my present surroundings and relationships. Fear led me to believe that upsetting experiences from my past would recur, so I had to try and control the future. Fear limited my thoughts and actions like a chain attached to my body, dragging me down with its weight. Fear, in effect, stood boldly between me and my goal of serenity and peace of mind. I am learning to replace fear as the controlling force of my life with faith in a loving Higher Power.

Meditation for Today
May I let go of behavior and habits which I have clung to in order to handle fearful situations.

Today I will remember
Faith is action.”

Excerpt From: Emotions Anonymous. “Today.” Copyright 1987

Hello, I am powerless over my emotions. Fear has always controlled my life since I was a kid. I was fearful of activities. I was scared of water, of skating, of losing, of winning, of looking funny, or speaking funny, of not having a boyfriend, of HAVING a boyfriend.

Fear ruled me. Because of fear I lost experiences, memories, and I lost my life – of actually ‘living’. I fight fear daily. I am scared what the outcome may be so I sometimes don’t try- I hide.

Over the last few years, I jumped in my water of fear with two feet and I started my own business. I was scared to death! With the loving support of an encouraging partner – I did it! He believed in me, he encouraged me, and he wholeheartedly supported me. He loves me.

Facing my fears with support makes me HAPPY. No matter the outcome life is about happiness and I believe that is all that matters.

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