😂I Am Giddy😂

Hello, I am powerless over my emotions today. I find myself giddy as I think about my financial future. I never really worried about finances for fourteen years as my employment position was full-time, reliable, was advancing, and was satisfying.

My work environment and ‘the work’ changed resulting in my poor mental and emotional health. I requested a different environment; yet, this was not provided. Ultimately, my financial income and advanced position was shattered. Everything that I had worked towards and was so proud of, since my years on welfare, crumbled and was lost.

Now, I find myself giddy. This is a nightmare. My emotions are bloody confused. I am living on my retirement funds which are only a few thousand away from depletion. I spent monies to start a small business, which is unprofitable, and I am currently about to launch a two bedroom shared space Airbnb in my home as an attempt of sustainable revenue to pay my monthly expenses. I moved our living space and sleeping in the basement.

If not successful, I will lose my house, my car, and will have to condense belongings to reside in a smaller space. I will be back on the social system or working in retail for minimum wage with unpredictable hours and income.

In a blink of an eye, I became sick, reached out to my employer for support and they discriminated. After I lost my job, I publicly stood up and openly spoke out against workplace mental health discrimination and disability accommodation in my small community. The result? I cannot find employment in a human service role as I am labelled a shit disturber. Trouble. A liar. Negative.

Emotionally, I am numb. I cannot fathom this outcome. It paralyzes me to visualize that I may end up in a past circumstance that I struggled and fought so hard to pull myself out of. This is my story.

Thank you for listening.

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