I Stand.

I stand. I stand before you uneasy and afraid. I stand trembling. My throat is dry ; my hands sweat. My voice soon to quiver. I stand. I stand before you with no positive self-image. No love for me. I judge what is ‘wrong’ and not what is ‘right’. It blankets me. I stand. I… Read More

Describe Who I Am? Really?

Dear Sweet Lord.. I am…Passionate and Assertive; Sensitive, Strong & Courageous;Bold & Shy; Honest, Open & Willing;Certain & Uncertain.Motivated & Energetic.Forever Young & as Old as Methuselah;Low Energy & Sad;Insecure & Confident. I am…. Simply me. Like me or Leave me.Label me & Judge me. I do know I am happy;and the rest is BULLSHIT.

The Wind-River

I can see him in the distance. I towards him. Him towards me. My heart begins to beat faster. My step gets a little lighter…. I cannot hold in the massive SMILE that infects my face. I walk faster. My face hurts. I can see him smiling … I can see him speeding in pace.… Read More

I Am Giddy.

Hello, I am powerless over my emotions today. I find myself giddy as I think about my financial future. I never really worried about finances for fourteen years as my employment position was full-time, reliable, was advancing, and was satisfying. My work environment and ‘the work’ changed resulting in my poor mental and emotional health.… Read More

What a Shit-Show

It is 3:29 am and I will soon be crawling into bed. My online delivery store closed at 3 am, therefore my ‘working’ scheduled hours are late. However as a small business owner, my work is never really done. It is not like you can turn the thoughts off, the worries off, and the financial… Read More

Ben and Jerry’s

Hello: This morning I ate two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s. Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Cherry Garcia. The store closed at 3am, yet, it is 6:30am and I am still awake. I don’t think he wants me to crawl in bed with him. He has not spoken to me since 12:30am. I feel emotionally numb,… Read More